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Want to know about high voltage insulating mat and its uses

When it comes to the insulation mats, they are most probably utilized to cover your building floor where the high voltage electrical machines are there. The best high voltage insulating mat IS 15652:2006 is mainly used for providing the maximum level of safety to the workers while operating and installing the electrical instruments.


Uses of the insulation mats:


There is a chance of power leakage when the experts are doing the repair and maintenance of such machines. In this situation, the insulation mats are usually providing the higher level of safety net for the electricians and also the engineers in the surroundings. It is really very crucial to install the insulation mats which are the best feature of the electrical installation in all kinds of the building.


These kinds of the insulation mats to balance the higher level of voltage are manufactured using the synthetic compound made of the rubber and latex materials. They are also available in the different thickness based on the intensity of the electrical voltage which the instruments and machines carry in your working area.


Conductive flooring for OT:


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  • There is also another flooring method named conductive flooring for OT available for the industries and commercial areas to give the maximum level of protection.
  • When it comes to the conductive flooring systems, they usually provide the quickest charge dissipation and lowest charge generation for the ESD production environment.
  • This type of the flooring system is usually grounded through the copper strip that connects to the flooring to the grounded connection like the wall outlet. For every 1000 sqft of ESD flooring, one copper grounding strip is always required.
  • In some hospitals, the operating rooms are perfectly protected using the conductive flooring in order to avoid the unnecessary voltage conductivity from the different electrical and electronic devices available there.

There are several numbers of online based companies available to hire and they offer you the best vinyl electrostatic discharge floor tiles and other forms of the conductive flooring for all your building or home requirements.


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